Entries accepted from May 1, 2019 to November 30, 2019. The winner will be determined by view counts as posted at midnight CST December 1st. The counts are beyond any control of ATHS and winners determined by Google/YouTube view counts as posted at the time the winner is determined. Subject matter trucks should be pre-1994 models (Over 25 years old and considered historic in most states). Videos submitted must be your own personal videos, no videos already posted on YouTube are eligible. Your name will be credited to your content. Video formats will be listed on the upload site. Stick with WMV/MP4 or other common formats. Videos shall not contain any added music whatsoever or any copyrighted audio or visual/video material. Videos suspected of containing copyrighted or other YouTube material will be rejected and become ineligible. Videos will be subject to screening before posting to validate content. ATHS reserves the right to reject videos that do not meet our standards for content or quality. Videos become the sole property of American Truck Historical Society. The goal is also to build a video archive of our members trucks and or those historic vehicles they film or video. This can be a fun project to engage younger members to get involved and preserve a video record of your trucks. This contest has grown in popularity each year and it is our hope that folks submit their videos, no matter what they think the quality might be so these can be shared long term on the ATHS YouTube page.